Punjab and Sind Bank Used Car Loans

Punjab And Sind Bank Conveyance Loan (Used Four Wheeler)

Processing Fee

Charges: 0.25% on the loan amount, subject to minimum Rs. 1,000 and maximum Rs.15,000.

Loan Amount
₹ -
1 - 7 Years


Do I have to pay any margin money to avail Punjab and Sind Bank Conveyance Loan for purchasing a used vehicle? If yes, how much margin money do I have to pay for it?

Yes, margin money is mandatory to be paid in order to avail the loan. Currently, Punjab and Sind Bank demands a minimum margin of 25% of current market value the vehicle.


Will I receive any concession on interest or fees?

Yes, a 100% concession on processing fee is being offered to Staff members or Retired employees of Punjab and Sind Bank or if borrower is a pensioner drawing pension through the bank.