Axis Bank Two Wheeler Loans

Axis Bank Super Bike Loan

Processing Fee

Loan Amount
₹ -
1 - 4 Years


How do I keep track of my Axis Bank Two Wheeler Loan? For example, how do I get my statements, and repayment schedule?

You may place request for Statement of Account or Repayment Schedule or Interest Certificate in either of the following ways –


If I don’t have an account with Axis Bank, can I still avail of loans?

Yes, you don’t need to own an account with Axis Bank in order to apply for Axis Bank Two Wheeler Loan.


What process does the Bank follow after I apply for a Two Wheeler Loan?

Once the bank received a completed application form including the necessary documents like income proof, identity proof, invoice, and so on, the following steps would take place –


Will the Bank charge me if I cancel the Two Wheeler Loan after it has been approved or disbursed?


After I have repaid the entire loan, how do I remove the hypothecation from the Registration Certificate?

Once your Two Wheeler Loan has been closed, Axis Bank will provide you the following documents to remove hypothecation from your Registration Certificate –