ICICI Bank Personal Loans

ICICI Bank Personal Loan

11.59% - 22%


Processing Fee

1 - 5 Years


How can I repay my ICICI Personal Loan?

You can repay your personal loan in EMIs through Auto-debit / ECS / PDC.


How much time will it take to get my personal loan disbursed?

You will get you loan disbursed within 72 hours of document submission.


When can I pre-close my personal loan? What are the charges to be paid?

Preclosure of loan can be done at the rate of 5% of the outstanding loan amount after a payment of at least 12 EMIs.

Get waiver on prepayment charges if the prepayment of the loan is done using your own funds. Waiver on prepayment charges is not applicable in the case of balance transfer.


What is the procedure to pre-close my ICICI Bank Personal Loan?

In order to preclose your personal loan, you need to visit any nearest ICICI branch. You need to provide the following documents to preclose your loan –


When can I transfer my existing personal loan to ICICI Bank?

Balance Transfer facility can be availed only if you have paid 12 EMIs of your existing personal loan. Please contact your nearest branch or our call center for further details.


How do I update my mailing address, mobile number or e-mail ID registered with the bank?

You may update your mailing address, mobile number or e-mail ID through any of the following modes –


Through ICICI Bank Internet Banking:


Through ICICI Bank Customer Care:


Who can be my co-applicant?