Axis Bank Personal Loans

Axis Bank Personal Loan

15.50% - 24%


Processing Fee

1 - 5 Years


How long will it take for my Personal loan to be processed?

It can take up to 30 working days for Axis Bank to process your Personal Loan. The computation of 30 days shall starts from the day on which all the documents required for a proper appraisal of the application are provided by the applicant to the Axis Bank.


How can I keep track of my Axis Bank Personal Loan? For example, how do I get my statements, and repayment schedule?

You can place a request to the Axis Bank for Account Statement, Repayment Schedule or Interest Certificate in either of the following ways –


How do I update my mobile number and the E-mail address registered under my Personal Loan account?

You can update your mobile number and email address in any of the following ways –


How do I Pre-close my Personal Loan?

Before making a request to pre-close your Personal Loan, you should make sure that all your outstanding dues must be cleared. Thus, first check for and clear any dues that may be payable towards your Personal Loan account by requesting a preclosure statement from your nearest Axis Bank Loan Center.

Once all your outstanding payments are cleared, please submit a preclosure request at the Loan Center, and Axis Bank will begin processing your request.


Is there are any charges for NDC (No Due Certificate)?

A borrower has to pay Rs. 500 on receipt of No Due Certificate.


What are the applicable charges for CIBIL report copy?

You need to pay Rs. 50 for a CIBIL Report copy.


What are the costs associated with availing of Axis Personal Loan?

There are many additional charges levied on the customer when he/she apply for Personal Loan, such as following –


There are some additional charges levied on specific circumstances such as Prepayment Charges, Part-payment Charges, Late Payment Fee and Cheque Bounce Charges etc.


Can I change my loan repayment instrument?

Yes, you can choose any instrument to pay your monthly Personal Loan EMIs. You can choose either of ECS (Electronic Clearing System), SI (Standing Instructions) or PDCs (Post-Dated Cheques).


What I can use my Personal Loan for?

You can use your Personal Loan for any personal or business purpose, other than the speculative one, either it be a wedding, home renovation or traveling etc.


Which is the best to finance my traveling, a Personal Loan or Credit Card?

Personal Loan for Traveling – Applying for a Axis Bank Personal Loan to meet your traveling finance is a good option, since its advantage of quick disbursal, instant remittance and easy processing, moreover your earn eDGE Reward Points for completing transaction. However, nothing comes without a disadvantage, as for Axis Bank Personal Loan, it comes with high interest rate starting from 15.50% to 24%.

Credit Card for Traveling – A Credit Card can be a much better option to finance your travel expenses, since it offers 0% interest for first 40-50 days, called Grace Period. If you clear your due payment within Grace period, you won’t be charged any interest. However, cash withdrawal from ATMs will attract a certain amount of charge on each transaction.