Fullerton India Home Loans

Fullerton India Home Loan

13% - 24% p.a.


Processing Fee

Loan Amount
₹ -


Do I need a guarantor or co-applicant for Home Loan?

Yes, a guarantor or co-applicant is mandatory to avail Fullerton India Home Loan.


What are the additional charges applicable on Home Loan?

The additional charges applicable on home loan includes –


When can I make a prepayment for my two wheeler loan and what are the applicable charges?

Non individual borrowers (Primary and /or co-borrower) will be levied a charge as follows –


Prepayment charges for Semi Fixed rate of interest loans are as follows –


Prepayment Charges for Fixed Rate Loans(Full tenor) (except for the Individuals making prepayment out of their “own sources” i.e. not from borrowing from any Bank/ Housing Finance Company/ Non-Banking Finance Company/ any Financial Institutions/ any other sources) are as follows –