DENA Bank Home Loans

Dena Bank Niwas Housing Finance

8.55% - 11.75%


Processing Fee

Loan Amount
₹ Up to 2 Crores
1 - 30 Years


What are the requirements for margin to avail the loan?


Margin will be calculated on the cost of the house property excluding stamp duty, registration charges, etc.


How the interest will be calculated for Niwas Housing Finance?

Interest on the Niwas Housing Finance will be calculated on daily reducing balance.


Do I have to provide any security or collateral for housing loan?

Yes, a simple equitable mortgage of the house/flat/apartment on which the loan is availed, is mandatory for loan security.


What interest rate will be charged for DENA Niwas Housing Finance?

An interest rate of 8.55% will be charged for loans up to Rs. 75 Lacs and 8.65% for loans above Rs. 75 Lacs, applicable on loans availed at floating interest rate.

An interest rate of 11.25% will be levied for loans up to Rs. 30 Lacs and 11.75% for loans above Rs. 30 Lacs, applicable on loans availed at fixed rate of interest. Interest for Fixed rate loans will be reset in the end of every 3 years period.