Capital First Home Loans

Capital First Home Loan


Processing Fee

Loan Amount
₹ Up to 5 Crores
1 - 25 Years


Capital First Home Loan

Loan Amount

Upto 90% of the cost of the property

Interest Rate



Upto 15 Years

Processing Charges

.  Rs. 2,500 up to Rs. 10 Lacs and Rs. 5,000 f     f for over Rs. 10 Lacs.

Pre-closure Charges



Why Choose Capital First?

Capital First is one of India’s well-known financial institution which offers home loans to all the potential home loan borrowers. The borrowers are offered a home loan at affordable interest rates, with a loan tenure of 25 years, minimal documentation, quick processing, etc. Capital First has served over 4 million customers in over 200 locations throughout India. For offering premium services, the company enjoys a credit rating of AAA.


Capital First Home Loan Products


Capital First Home Loan

If you are looking to finance your home, then Capital First Home Loan will surely suffice all your needs. Capital First offer home loans and other credits to all salaried, professionals, and business classes for a term of up to 15 years. The borrowers are offered affordable interest rate and there are minimal processing fee on the loan amount.


Eligibility -


Exclusive Services -


Loan Sanctioning and Disbursement Process -

Borrowers will have to comply with the following process to avail a home loan -

Filling up application form -

With the help of this document, the lender will have a fair idea of yourself and other key details needed to offer funds. The terms and conditions important as customer information are mentioned on the application form. The accuracy and brevity of data provide such as personal details of the borrowers, details of the property, total cost of the property, loan amount being requested, income details, and requested loan tenor will be the base of the loan application. Borrowers need to attach the processing cheque along with application form.

Processing Fee -

In the initial stages, the processing fee will based on the loan amount applied by the bank. Generally the processing fee charged by Capital First is Rs. 2,500 up to Rs. 10 Lacs and Rs. 5,000 for over Rs. 10 Lacs.

Documents -


Discussion with the lender - On the basis of details acquired by the submitted documents, the team of Capital First will have a word with you via telephone or personally. This interaction will be to collect additional information regarding the loan application.

Investigation Verification - According to KYC provided, customary checks will be made at the borrowers’ residence and office address.

Loan sanction/loan sanctioning letter - On the basis of agreement of all the aforementioned processes, Capital First has the right to either approve or reject the loan application. In either case, the borrowers will be informed about the about the same. If the borrower’s letter gets approved, he/she will be offered a sanction letter for the loan amount that is equal to the maximum eligibility or the requested loan amount.

Sanction letter will give details on -


Legal/property assessment -


Co-applicant - Having a co-applicant is not important. In case there is a co-owner of the property, then it is imperative for him/her to be the co-applicant as well. If the property is owed only by the borrower, then any member of the family can be the co-applicant.

Options for EMI payments -


CIBIL Score requirement - As per the policy of Capital First, there is no requirement of CIBIL score. However, Capital First reserves the right to approve or reject the loan application if any irregularity is found in CIBIL Score.

Maximum Loan Amount - The borrowers, both salaried and self-employed, can have a maximum loan amount of Rs. Crores.

Maximum Tenor - The maximum tenor offered to the loan borrowers, both for salaried and self-employed, by Capital First is of up to 25 years.

Determination of loan eligibility -

Capital First determines the loan eligibility of the borrowers by following factors -

Part prepayment of home loan - The borrowers are allowed to make the part prepayment and there are no charges for all home loans taken in individual capacity.

Calculation of EMI - The borrower’s EMI comprises of two parts-paying back the principal borrowed amount along with the interest rates charged. For the calculation, three elements are involved - the amount borrowed by the borrower, interest rate, and the tenure of the loan. The EMI can be reduced by following ways - it drops with the decrease in interest rate, when the borrower pays back more than he/she needs to (also known as partial prepayment).



What is the process for home loan?

The processing of home loan includes the following phases –



Is it necessary to have a co-applicant? And who can be my co-applicant?

No, generally a co-applicant is not necessary to avail the loan. However, if a person is a co-owner of the property, it is mandatory that the co-owner of the property must be the co-applicant for the Home Loan.


If you are the sole owner of the property, any member of your immediate family can be your co-applicant.


If you choose to not have a co-applicant, then any individual in the capacity of a guarantor can be a third party to the loan application. It is to be noted that Capital First Home Finance Limited does not accept loan applications on a single applicant basis.


What are the different EMI repayment options?

The repayment can be made in two different ways, ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) and PDCs (Post-Dated Cheques).


ECS is an easy option to pay loan EMIs, can be made only through a bank account. EMIs get paid out automatically from your account every month through ECS facility, at a specified date.


You can also choose to pay with a fresh set of PDCs ahead of time, from any bank account, only for customers in non-ECS locations.


ECS is the preferred mode, as it's faster and there are no chances of errors. Plus, there's no hassle of replacing PDCs when the EMI changes, or when they run out. Finally, with the institution of NACH, monitoring and regulation of EMI repayments is more efficient due to the management of the NPCI.


What is the minimum amount valid for part-prepayment?

Part-payment can be made at any time after clearance of  the first EMI with a minimum amount equal to 3 times of monthly EMI.


How Capital First will decide my eligibility for the loan amount?

Loan eligibility will be considered upon the repayment capacity of the borrower, which depends on various factors such as age,  income, value of the property, any existing obligation, dependents in the family and stability or continuity of employment business.


What is the EMI repayment date for home loan?

EMI repayment date is 5th of every month. There is no alternative date of repayment provided at Capital First Home Finance Limited.