How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill


Paying the Bill of Credit Card is considered to be a burden as we need to remember the date on which it has to be paid and if the payment is not done on timely basis than it will also lead to penalty payment.

Therefore SBI have offered various modes to pay the credit card bills that can be through online as well as offline mode.

Part 1: Payment of bill through Online Mode.

Payment of bill through online mode reduces the hassle-free procedure of visiting the bank and then making the payment on above that one has to remember the due date of payment which every time is not possible, therefore to ease out the procedure and making it consumer-friendly online mode by SBI is provided.

Method 1: Through NEFT.

You can pay your SBI Card payment online through NEFT which is a quick simple and secure way to pay.

Step 1: Log in to the net banking facility of your bank.

You need to login to your net banking facility and add SBI Card as a beneficiary, under third party transfer.

Step 2: Add the IFSC code for making SBI Card payment along with your Card number.

Now add the IFSC code "SBIN00CARDS" for making the SBI Card Payment. Then Enter your 16-digit SBI Card number in place of the account number on the banking page.

Step 3: Fill Bank name as SBI CREDIT CARD - NEFT

You need to fill the Bank Name as SBI CREDIT CARD and also need to fill the Bank Address as follows: PAYMENT SYSTEMS GROUP, STATE BANK GITC, CBD BELAPUR, NAVI MUMBAI.

Step 4: Click the "Submit" button.

Click the "Submit" button to complete your registration process.

Note: Payment will reflect within 3 banking hours in your SBI Credit Card account. Payments made till 3:30 pm via NEFT payment mode, will get credited within 3 banking hours, same day.

Method 2: Through NACH (National Automated Clearing House)

NACH makes the payment of Credit Card bill easy for you as you don't need to issue cheque every month towards the payment of your SBI Card. In this method, you need to authorize SBI bank to deduct the amount to be paid directly from your Bank Account every month on the Due date.

Step 1: Download the NACH form.

Simply, download the NACH Enrollment Form from SBI Cards portal.

Step 2: Fill the form and post it.

Once you'll download the form, you need to take a print-out and post after signing it, to the following address: SBI Card and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd., P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi – 110001.

Note: Payment will be get debited from your bank account on your Payment Due Date.

Method 3: Payment by SBI Auto Debit Facility.

It's another easy method through which we can pay the bill of Credit Card directly through SBI bank account without worrying about payment due date each month. All you need to so is authorize SBI to deduct the card dues directly from your account by the payment due date. However, you must ensure that you have enough amount in your sbi account so the auto debit transaction won't be rejected. A rejected auto debit transaction results in additional fee as penalty.

Step 1: Download the Auto Debit form.

Click here to download the Auto Debit form. If you are holding a BOI SBI Co-Branded card, then download the auto debit form from here.

Step 2: Take the print out of the form.

Now, take the print out of the form and fill your Account Number and the 16-digit SBI Card Number. You need to select the option through which you are going to pay i.e, Total amount due or the minimum amount due.

Step 3: Verify the details at the nearest SBI branch.

In the form, you will see the section "DETAILS TO BE VERIFIED BY THE BRANCH" which you need to verify from the bank.

Step 4: Send the completed form.

After Verification, you need to send the completed form to the following address: SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd. P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi - 110001.

Note: Payment will be get debited from your SBI Card account on your Payment Due Date.

If you want to discontinue SBI Auto Debit facility, download and send the completed Auto-Debit Deactivation letter to the above address.

Method 4: Payment through the debit card.

The debit card is another method through which you can make the payment. It will direct you through Billdesk as a payment gateway. Any of the following Bank Debit Cards can be chosen to make payment: Bank of India ATM-cum-Debit Card, Bank of Maharashtra Debit Card, Citibank Debit Card, >Indian Overseas Bank, State Bank of India Debit Card, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Shivalik Bank, Pragathi Krishna Bank, Kerala Gramin Bank, IDFC Bank, and Bank of Baroda.

Step 1: Visit the SBI Card Billdesk page.

Click here to make your SBI Card Payment through billdesk payment facility.

Step 2: Enter the details required and choose "Debit Card" option.

You are going to fill all the details mentioned in the form.e, your Email address, SBI Card Number, Mobile Number, and Amount Payable. Select the option "Debit card" and it will redirect you to the bank payment interface of your chosen bank account.

Step 3: Enter your Debit Card details.

Your next step is to enter your Debit card and card authentication details i.e, User ID, Password and PIN.

Step 4: Confirm the payment.

You need to confirm your payment amount to SBI card. On confirmation, Your bank account will be debited online. And SBI bank will send you the confirmation mail for the Payment.

SBI will send you an email and SMS acknowledgement of your transaction. Payment will reflect instantly on your SBI Credit Card account.

If the bank from which you want to make the payment, is not in the list than to you can make the payment by your desired bank through NEFT facility.

Method 5: Payment by UPI payment facility.

UPI method is a new payment system which allows you to transfer money between the two accounts by using smartphone.

Step 1: To register on BHIM SBI pay.

If you are a new user you need to first download BHIM SBI pay App from google store. Once the installation is done you need to log into the account by entering your details. Now create a VPA(Virtual Payment Address) of your choice using SBI handle: Ex: customer [email protected] your bank account and set your UPI Pin.

Step 2: Pay your Bill using the virtual payment address of your card account

Now, you need to click on "Pay by VPA". It should be "Sbicard.16 digits of your credit card [email protected]" e.g. [email protected] Enter the amount to be paid and click on "Go".

Step 3: Verify Bank Account MPIN (Mobile banking Personal Identification Number).

You are required to verify bank account MPIN and Click on "Submit". Your payment will be credited from your card instantly.

Note:BHIM SBI Payment processing is not available from 6 PM to 11 PM every day.

You can also track the payment by again login into BHIM SBI Pay app & navigate to transactions history from Menu.

Part 2: Payment of bill through Offine Mode.

Payment of your sbi credit card bill can be an issue if online facilities are not available due to some technical problem at the bank's end. In this case, offline methods can be used at the any nearest sbi branch or ATMs.

Method 1: By visiting your nearest SBI branch.

Step 1: Walk-in the nearest SBI Bank branch.

Walk-in to the nearest SBI Bank branch and go to the helpdesk. Tell the helpdesk representative the issue which you are facing while making payment of your Credit Card.

Step 2: Fill the pay-in-slip.

Fill the pay-in-slip, available at the information desk with required details and submit it along with the payment to the helpdesk representative.

Step 3: Collect the receipt

Collect the acknowledgment receipt of payment from the helpdesk representative or from the cashier.

Note:- Payment will reflect within 2 working days in your SBI credit card Account.

Method 2: Payment at nearest SBI ATM.

SBI Has 59,291 ATMs all across India, which open ups a chance to make the payment easily using your debit card at the nearest ATM.

Step 1: Walk-in to the nearest SBI ATM.

You need to visit the nearest SBI ATM to pay your Credit Card bill.

Step 2: Insert your Debit Card.

Insert your debit card into the ATM machine and find 'Bill Pay' option under "Services" option.

Step 3: Enter SBI Credit Card Number and the amount to be paid.

Enter your SBI Credit Card number and the amount to be paid. You will receive a payment acknowledgment receipt immediately after making the payment