Convert HDFC Credit Card Payment into EMI

How to Convert HDFC Credit Card Payment into EMI

HDFC Bank provides you with a facility of making payments for purchases in installments by converting your payments into EMI. Only unbilled transactions are eligible for conversion to EMI. Transactions which are already statemented and are 60 days old are not eligible for conversion into EMI.

Below listed are the steps to guide you with whole procedure of converting your payments into EMI.

Method 1M1Convert Particular Transaction into EMI using Internet Banking

Login to Your HDFC Net Banking Account and Check Account Summary.

Login to your HDFC NetBanking Account and Go to "Cards" section where you can check your account summary. Go through your account summary and click on "View" button to proceed further.

Enter the Required Details to View Your Unbilled Transaction.

Select your "Card Number" and "Transaction Type". Choose "Debit" as your transaction type and then click on "View" button.

Select an Unbilled Transaction Whose Payment You Want to Convert into EMI.

A page will open up on your screen on which all your unbilled transactions will be displayed. The transactions eligible for conversion to EMI will have a check box on right side of the transaction details, select the transaction of your choice by marking the box and then click on "Confirm" button.

Select the Tenure and Interest Rate into Which you would Like to Covert Your Payment.

Transaction details like card number, eligible limit, loan amount will appear on your screen. Now you will have to select Tenure months and Interest Rate and then your EMI details will appear accordingly.

Press "Continue" Button.

Go through the terms and conditions given and mark the box against it in your agreement and click on "Continue" button to confirm your request for conversion of payment to EMI.

Note: Listed Below Are Few More Terms and Conditions.

  • Processing Fee is Applicable on All EMI Conversion i.e. 1% on loan amount, minimum of Rs.100.
  • In case of pre-closure of the loan, a charge, currently 3% of the balance principle will be applicable.

Method 2M2Contact HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

Call on HDFC Credit Card Customer Care Number And Follow The IVR.

Make a call on HDFC Credit Card Customer Care Number and follow the IVR to convert your payment into EMI.

Select Your Preferable Language.

Select the language you are comfortable with. For instance, Press 1 for English and Press 2 for Hindi.

Press The Key to Know About Your HDFC Credit Card.

Press 1 to know about your HDFC Credit Card account.

Proceed to Enter Your Card Details.

Press 1 to enter your card details. After a beep enter your 16-Digit HDFC Credit Card Number, registered Date of Birth and Registered Mobile Number.

Press The Key to Avail This Facility.

Press 5 to convert your payment into EMI and provide the details of particular payment you want to convert into EMI.

M3Things to Consider if You Are Willing to Use EMI Facility of HDFC Credit Card.

  • Only selected HDFC Credit Card holders are eligible for converting their credit card payments into EMIs and bank reserves the right to decide the eligibility.
  • For converting insurance bills, a processing fee of Rs.300 will be charged.