Get HDFC Bank Credit Card Customer ID

How to Get HDFC Bank Credit Card Customer ID

You can retrieve your Customer ID by both ways either by visiting the bank or through online process.

Method 1M1Through online process.

You can get your customer ID through online process by Netbanking:-

Login to the NetBanking page.

To be able to generate your Citibank Credit Card PIN, you need to login into the Citibank Online Banking Service with your Citibank Internet Banking User ID & Password.

Click here to log in your Net Banking Facility by entering your User ID/Customer ID, Click on the "Forgot Customer Id" link.

Enter your details to proceed.

Now here enter your details like Mobile Number, Date of Birth, Your Pan Card Number and the security code and press "Continue".

Authentication by the Bank.

Bank will send you an OTP(One time Password) on your registered mobile Number for Authentication, you have to Enter the OTP and Click "Continue" to proceed further.

Login to Netbanking using your Customer ID.

Once you will click on "Continue" Bank will show your Customer ID on the next page, you can use that and then log in to your Netbanking.

Method 2M2 Retrieve your customer ID by the document HDFC bank have provided you.

When you open your account with the bank, they provide with monthly account statements, you can check there:-

Have access to your monthly Account statement.

You receive your monthly Account Statement by various methods either you can download it online or bank will send you the Monthly Statements onto your registered mailing address.

Check your Customer ID.

Once you'll open the Account Statement you can Check your customer ID on the Left-hand Side of the Statement.

Method 3M3 You can also get your customer Id by calling the Customer Care Numbers.

If you are unable to get your Customer ID through other processes, you can also call customer care Numbers and get the details.

Dial the HDFC Customer Care Numbers and Choose your language preference.

Dial the HDFC Customer Care Numbers and Choose your language preference. Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Hindi and Press 3 for your local language.

Press 1 for account related information.

The IVR will ask you to about a credit card, debit card, Bank Account, Demat Account, and loan information You have to press 1 to know the information.

Press 2 for credit card related information

Now you have to press 2 for credit card related information.

Press 1 for Credit card balance, payments and to know the statement status.

Now IVR will ask you to Press 2 for balance, payments and to know the statement Status, once you'll press the number it will ask you to keep your credit card ready to enter its 16-digit number.

Enter your card 16-digit number.

Once you will enter your 16-digit number it will connect your call to the customer care representative you can share the problem which you are facing to retrieve your Customer ID and they will assist you further.

Method 4M4 By visiting your nearest HDFC Bank branch.

Walk-in at the nearest HDFC Bank.

Walk-in to the nearest HDFC Bank branch and go to the helpdesk. Tell the helpdesk representative the issue which you are facing to retrieve your Customer ID

Share your required details

The helpdesk representative will ask you to share your Account number, your PAN card number, and other necessary details.

Confirm your application status.

The helpdesk representative will check your Account and will let you know your Customer ID.

Conclusion:- Customer ID is your unique identification number which helps the bank to identify the customer, track its facilities and other information about customer transactions. The HDFC bank provides you the Customer Identification number with the welcome kit which you get with your card.It holds an importance as without it any online transaction cannot get through.