How to Block HDFC credit card

How to Block HDFC credit card

If your Credit Card is stolen or lost you urgently have to take necessary steps to block it as to prevent the occurrence of any fraudulent activities. But nowadays banks themselves are very active to take action on these report as soon as possible to maintain their industry standards. HDFC bank provides you mainly three facilities to block your card given below but before blocking the card you need to keep an eye upon these things:-

Part 1P1Case in which you can block your HDFC Credit card.

HDFC Bank has certain criteria by which you can block your card that depends upon the case If your card is stolen or lost only in these two cases HDFC provides you the facility to block your card through their NetBanking facility as it is the easiest and more approachable option. HDFC Bank will immediately block your card once you'll raise the request to block it and will re-issue you a new card within 3-10 days.

Check for any unauthorized transaction.

If your Credit Card has been stolen/lost than first of all check if any authorized transaction has not occurred. If it is there then getting connected with the bank as soon as possible to block the card.

Check your Liability Cover terms.

While raising the request for blocking your card you should be aware of how much liability cover bank is providing you, which is mentioned in their manual which you received with the card.

  • HDFC bank provides you with Liability cover which can range from maximum Rs. 1 lakh or above depending upon the card variant you are holding.
  • Your "zero liability" Clause which HDFC has given you in the guide says that all the fraudulent transactions that incurred on your credit card will be considered by the bank under "zero liability" if you raise the request from the date and time of loss of credit card to the bank. However, if you delayed in raising the request then all transactions incurred on your card will be payable by you.

Part 2P2Method to block your card.

As soon as you want to block your card you have following option to do that:-

Method 1M1Call the HDFC Credit Card Helpline number.

You can simply call the HDFC Customer Care Numbers and raise a request for blocking your Credit Card.

Dial the HDFC Customer Care Numbers and Choose your language preference.

Dial the HDFC Customer Carep Numbers and Choose your language preference. Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Hindi and Press 3 for your local language.

Press 2 if your card is damaged and stolen.

The IVR will ask you to Press 2 if your card is damaged and stolen.

Press 1 to Block your Card.

Press 1 to Block your Card and the IVR will connect your call to the Customer Care Executive. With them, you have to share the issues and they will assist you further.

Method 2M2Process of Credit Card hotlisting through NetBanking.

HDFC bank has a section called "Card Hotlisting" where you can block your card using HDFC Netbanking services.

Login to your NetBanking Facility.

Click here to log in your Net Banking Facility by entering your User ID/Customer ID.

Click on "Credit Card" Tab.

Click on the Credit Cards tab and it will show the options on the left-hand side click on Credit Card Hotlisting.

Select the Credit Card which you want to Hotlist.

After selecting "Credit Card Hotlisting" option it will show you the list of Credit Cards that you have registered under Net Banking if you are using multiple Credit Cards, if in case you are using only one then it will show you only one Credit Card option. Now you need to select the Credit Card you want to Hotlist.

Select the reason for Hotlisting.

it will now show you the reasons for hotlisting the card you have to select the suitable one and then "Submit".

Select the option of card reissued if you want to reissue.

If you want to re-issue the card select the option of "Re-issue" in your net banking facility.

Method 3M3Visit your Nearest HDFC Bank Branch.

Walk-in the HDFC Bank Branch.

Walk-in to the nearest HDFC Bank Branch and go to the helpdesk. Tell the help desk representative the issue with Credit Card and the reason to block it.

Write an Application and submit to the helpdesk.

Write an Application to the bank and tell why you want to block your card. And give that to the Helpdesk Representative.

Note:- Before walking into the Bank branch make sure that you carry your credit card number and other customer identification details with you.

If you want to issue new Credit Card Click here to fill the form. You will receive a notification containing confirmation of the request to block the credit card. Bank charges 100/- for re-issuing new card.