Activate HDFC Credit Card

How to Activate HDFC Credit Card

After receiving your hdfc credit card, the first step is to activate it before start swipping for transaction. During the activation procedure, you generate PIN for your HDFC Card. PIN Number is like a security lock on your Credit Card which lets you authorise a transaction whenever you swip your card. You can check various methods to generate HDFC Credit card PIN below.

Method 1M1Generate HDFC Credit Card PIN Through NetBanking

If you are an existing HDFC Bank customer and have access to HDFC Bank Netbanking Services, then you can simply activate your HDFC Credit Card from the comfort of your home and set a password for it. Follow the steps given below to activate your HDFC Bank Credit Card using HDFC Netbanking Services.

Login to HDFC NetBanking Account and go to "Cards" Section.

Login to your HDFC NetBanking account and go to "Cards" section on top of the page.

Request for an Instant PIN Generation.

Go to "Requests" button on left side of the screen and select "Instant PIN Generation" option from drop down.

Enter New 4-Digit PIN.

Select the credit card for which you want to generate PIN, enter new 4-Digit PIN and click on "Continue".

Confirm PIN Generation Request.

On the page that will appear on your screen, confirm your PIN generation request by simply clicking on "Confirm" button.

Enter Your Registered Mobile Number for More Authentication.

Enter your registered mobile number on which you will get OTP for more authentication and click on "Continue" button.

Enter OTP Received on Your Registered Mobile Number.

Enter the OTP on page that will appear on your screen and click on "Continue" button.

Message of Confirmation.

You will receive a message of confirmation, for HDFC Credit Card PIN generation on your screen and registered mobile number.

Method 2M2Generate HDFC Credit Card PIN Through ATM

If you're a first time HDFC Bank customer and don't have access to HDFC Netbanking services yet, then you can simply activate your HDFC Credit Card at any of the nearest HDFC Bank ATM. To activate your hdfc credit card at ATM, please follow the steps given below.

Call HDFC Phone Banking and Follow the IVR.

Call HDFC Phone Banking on 1800-266-4332 and follow the IVR.

  • Select language of your preference. For Instance, Press 1 for English.
  • Press 2 for "Credit Card".
  • Press 3 for "Information About Credit Card".
  • Press 4 to "generate HDFC credit card PIN" and enter your 16-Digit credit card number following #.
  • OTP for your HDFC Credit card will be then sent to your registered mobile number.

Visit Nearest HDFC ATM and Insert Your HDFC Credit Card.

Visit the nearest HDFC ATM and Insert your HDFC Credit Card into the machine.

Select "Create New ATM PIN" Option.

On select language screen that will appear on ATM, select the option "Create New ATM PIN" located on bottom of the screen.

Enter 6-Digit OTP.

Now enter 6-Digit OTP you received on your registered mobile number and select "Correct" option to proceed.

Enter Registered Mobile Number.

On new screen enter your registered mobile number and press on "Correct" button to proceed.

Enter New PIN.

Now enter 4-Digit new PIN of your choice.

Collect Receipt

A receipt will be generated from ATM as a receipt of confirmation for your PIN change.