How to Register Your SBI Credit Card For Net Banking (In 5 Simple Steps)

Being a credit card owner, using your credit card to its full potential is quite important. You can do so by accessing Online Services i.e. Net Banking Services on your SBI Credit Card; though, you have to register your card first.


The process to register your SBI Credit Card for Net Banking services is quite easy and can be done in few simple steps. Please have a look below and follow the 5 simple steps to register your credit card for net banking.


Step 1 – To activate net banking on your SBI Credit Card, you need to open and click on the “Registration” or you can simply click here to open the registration page in your browser.



Step 2 – Once you have opened the registration page in your browser, you need to fill your credit card details like your credit card number, CVV number and date of birth.



Step 3 –  Please confirm the details before proceeding further, especially the CVV number and your date of birth. Then , click on the “Proceed” button to submit the details.



Step 4 – Now, an OTP (One Time Password) will be generated. You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number and Email address. OTP will be valid for the period of 24 hours.



Just enter the received OTP in the box and click on “Proceed”.



Step 5 – Now you’ll directed to page where you can create a password for your SBI Credit Card.



Just enter a unique User ID. In case the entered User ID isn’t available, you’ll see a red cross (X) adjacent to the box.



Now you have to enter a password for your credit card net banking login. The password should be at least 8 character long, unique and easy to remember.


Then fill the exact same password in the “Confirm Password” box.



Now click on “Confirm”.



Note: Once you have successfully registered on to access your Credit Card Net Banking service, you can click on the “Login Now” button to login your credit card online services.

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