How to Register HDFC Credit Card

Step 1 – Click here to register your HDFC Credit Card. You will be directed to the Online Credit Card Registration Form.



You can also register a Credit Card from within the Credit Card Panel on NetBanking Services.



Step 2 – Fill in the form and mark the checkbox for “Accept Terms and Conditions”.


Step 3 – Confirm the details and click on “Submit”.


Note: Only primary card holders can register for Credit Cards Netbanking.


Benefits of Online access to HDFC Credit Cards:


  • View Account Information
  • Watch Unbilled Transactions
  • Watch Credit Card Statements (up to last 6 months)
  • Make Credit Card Payments
  • Autopay Registration
  • Autopay De-registration
  • Registration of New Card
  • De-registration of Card
  • Statement on E-MAIL-mail
  • Credit Card ATM Pin and many more.

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