HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment

For HDFC Bank Account Holders

Here are the different payment options for the customers having an HDFC Bank account.


Credit Card Bill Payment via NetBanking:


Step 1 – Login to  NetBanking, and go to your Credit Card tab.



Step 2 – Click on the “Credit Card Payment”.



Step 3 – Choose “Registered HDFC Bank Credit Card” to select the payment type.



Step 4 – Enter the Account Details, Card Number, and Credit Card Bill Amount and Click on the “Continue”.



Step 5 – Check the Card details and Click “Confirm”.



Step 6 – Take a Print / Screenshot of the page.



Credit Card Bill Payment via Mobile Banking App:


Step 1 – Login to the HDFC Mobile App with the help of your Customer ID.



Step 2 – After the Login, Go to the ‘Credit Card’ tab and Click “Credit Card Payment”.



Step 3 – choose ‘Credit Card Payment’ and make your payments using your HDFC Bank Savings Account.


Credit Card Bill Payment via Mobile Banking Website:


Step 1 – Login into Netbanking account from the HDFC NetBanking Mobile Site.



Step 2 – Go to the credit card tab and choose Credit Card Payment.


Step 3 – Make your payments using your HDFC Bank savings account.


Credit Card Bill Payment via ATM Fund Transfer:


Step 1 – Walk into any HDFC Bank ATM near you and swap your credit card in the ATM machine.



Step 2 –  Choose “Pay your Credit Card Bills and enter the credit card number you want to pay bill for.


Step 3 – Enter the bill amount and click on “Continue”.


Step 4 – Confirm the details then click on “Pay” and collect the receipt.


Credit Card Bill Payment via Autopay:


With HDFC Bank Autopay facility, you can provide standing instructions to pay your credit card bill, either by Minimum Payment Due or Total Payment Due. Please follow the steps given below to get registered for Autopay service –


Step 1 – Login to your HDFC Bank NetBanking account and Click on the “Autopay register” link on the left side margin. Or, Click here to download the Autopay registration form and submit to the nearest HDFC Branch.




Step 2 – You can make a selection for the Credit Card number that you want to register for the Autopay facility and your HDFC Bank account Number from which you want your Credit Card payments to be made.


If you want the bill amount of your full statement bill amount to be paid from your bank account, you need to select the “Total Amount due” link.


Step 3 – Click on “Continue” and then on “Confirm”. A message will be displayed on the screen confirming the successful registration of your Credit Card for Autopay.


Note: Please note that it takes 7 days to activate the Autopay facility for your Credit Card account. If your payment due date is 7 days, or less, away from the date of registration for Autopay kindly pay your monthly bill by your usual payment mode as Autopay will only be effective from the next billing cycle.


Credit Card Bill Payment via Cash Payment Counter:


Step 1 – Walk into any HDFC Bank branch near you.


Step 2 – Go to the Cash Deposit counter and fill in the form in order to submit your credit card bill payment.



Note: Fee for payments made by depositing cash at HDFC Bank branches/ATM has been revised to Rs. 100 w.e.f. 1st November, 2012.


Credit Card Bill Payment via Cheque:


Write a local cheque payable to HDFC BANK Card A/c followed by your card number, and make your Credit Card payment by depositing the cheque at drop boxes available at HDFC Branch or ATMs in your respective city. HDFC Bank has an extensive network of 4,281 branches and over 12,054 ATMs across India. Local cheque will be credited into your account within 3 working days.


Click here to locate an HDFC Bank branch near you, or find a nearest HDFC Bank ATM here.


For Non-HDFC Bank Account Holders –

Here are the different payment options for Non-HDFC Bank account holders.


Credit Card Bill Payment via Non-HDFC NetBanking Account:


Step 1 – Click here to go to the HDFC Bank Bill Desk page and check the Terms Agreement box and Click “PAY” button.



Step 2 – Fill your Credit Card Details, E-mail Address, and Bill Amount. Once you have done that, choose the Bank name of your Non-HDFC Bank Account.



Step 3 – You’ll be now redirected to your chosen bank’s NetBanking interface. Enter your bank authentication details (User ID & Password) and confirm the bill amount to the HDFC bank.


Step 4 – You’ll receive a transaction confirmation with Transaction Reference Number. You can print the details or take a screenshot.



Credit Card Bill Payment via NEFT:


Step 1 – Login to the net banking facility of your bank account and go to “Fund Transfer” tab and, click “Transfer to other bank”.


Step 2 –  Select account, beneficiary, and enter the relevant details.


Step 3 – Accept the Terms and Conditions


Step 4 – Re-check all the details. If all the details are correct, then confirm to complete the process.


Note: You need to have the NetBanking and Third Party Funds Transfer facilities enabled (If you’re not yet registered, just visit your nearest branch of your bank and fill the form).


Your HDFC Credit Card must be enabled to receive payments via NEFT.


Credit Card Bill Payment via Visa Money Transfer:


Step 1 – Log on to your Other Bank NetBanking from which you want to transfer money to pay for credit card bill.


Step 2 – Go to Third Party Funds Transfer and make a selection for Visa Money Transfer.


Step 3 – Enter your other bank details in sender information and HDFC Credit Card details in recipient information.


Step 4 – In the end, confirm the transaction.


Your account is then debited online. The funds are sent to your beneficiary bank within two working days, and the bank will then transfer the amount to the beneficiary’s card account.


Note: You need to be registered for Third Party Funds Transfer to use Visa Money Transfer. If you aren’t registered yet, just visit your nearest branch of your bank and fill the form, or register online through NetBanking services.

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