How to convert your big purchases into EMI using Flexipay on SBI Credit Card

Step 1 – To convert your big purchases on your SBI Credit Card, you need to login to your SBI Netbanking. Step 2 – Go to the “Benefits” and then click on “Flexipay” option. Step 3 – You’ll see all the purchases you made on your Credit Card. Now, choose the purchase you want to convert into the EMIs. Step 4 – Now click on the “Show Offer” button.     And, choose the best offer and tenure suitable for

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How to Register Your SBI Credit Card For Net Banking (In 5 Simple Steps)

Being a credit card owner, using your credit card to its full potential is quite important. You can do so by accessing Online Services i.e. Net Banking Services on your SBI Credit Card; though, you have to register your card first.   The process to register your SBI Credit Card for Net Banking services is quite easy and can be done in few simple steps. Please have a look below and follow the 5 simple steps to register your credit

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